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Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Within hours of notifications, our emergency response team is on-site to assist you and your property following fire and smoke damage. Our objective is to service your property to ensure that the building's structure and contents are left in place for your insurance companies inspections. We want to prevent vandals from entering your property and damaging items, and to make sure no one gets hurt on your property.

  1. Board-ups – We board-up any openings that were damaged by either the fire department or the fire itself.

  2. Roof Tarping – We properly tarp the roof to insure that secondary damage doesn't occur in the residence. This is a temporary solution to prevent any wind or rain damage to the interior until the proper repair can be made.

  3. Install temporary fencing – Temporary fencing is always recommended after a severe fire to prevent trespassing as an owner, you are liable if someone gets hurt while on your property, even after a fire.